Pie Recipe In Oven

It would be nice if you did it in the oven instead of frying the pie

  • 3 adet yufka 
  • Galeta unu 
  • Sıvıyağ 
  • Su 

İç malzemesi :150 gr pastırma 

  • 3 tbsp 
    Galeta flour 
    Internal material :150 g bacon 

    1 teaspoon red pepper 
    2 tomatoes
    Kasar cheese 
    Preparation:first, prepare the inner material, pepper and tomato cube cube cut, 4 E divide the Yufkası 4 divided into 3 e bacon, pepper and Kashar cheese put in and wrap , wrap all the ingredients in this way let's finish ,
     Deeply take two plates, one with water , put the breadcrumbs into the other, into the water before mentioned the pastries , then bread flour preheat oven to 375ºf and cook at 180 degrees drizzle very little oil on it, let it warm


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