Lentil Amla Pie Recipe

Delicious crispy flavor the mixture of mineral water butter makes crispy pies


6 tbsp.
1 bottle of mineral water ( at room temperature)
150 gr melted butter
egg yolks and sesame seeds
interior materials

1 cup green lentils
crushed red pepper,black pepper,cumin 
a pinch of parsley
yufkas are laid on the table...it's cut in half..
two halves are placed on top of each other and strips of three or four fingers wide are cut..
for the lentil mortar ,the lentil is filtered with enough water to pass over it...
in a pan,add the butter, lentils( onions should be roasted before lentil), chopped parsley and add the spices are prepared in the interior.
add the water to the mixture.
this oily mixture is applied to each strip
Put a spoon of lentils on one end of the strip..(or a teaspoon ).
when all the strips are finished, wrapped pastry is soaked once in an increasing mixture of oily mineral water and placed on the baking tray with an oily Paper Series.
egg yolk is sprinkled with sesame seeds
Bake in a preheated oven with 200 degrees celery.


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