Cocoon Mani Recipe

you can wrap and hold yufkas before,you can fry them before service


3 tbsp
150 g minced meat
1 small onion
1 tomato
1 tsp tomato paste
black pepper, salt
over a bowl of garlic yogurt sauce


three rows of dough
first cut into four parts,then cut into four parts in each quarter.
with the help of pipette, the triangle starts from the wide side of the yufka and is wrapped in a dry manner without applying anything, and the tip is soaked with water.
when the wrapping of all the yufkas is done, they are fried in plenty of oil.
on paper towels, fried yufkas are lined up like sun on a flat plate.
in a separate pan, grated tomatoes are added in small diced onion roasted in low oil..
add salt and spices and cook a little more..
yogurt is poured on fried yufkas and meat sauce is poured on them..
you can decorate with finely chopped parsley according to the desire....
Enjoy your meal...


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